ProLab Whey Isolate

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Prolab Whey Isolate is a premium-grade protein supplement that helps you pack on and maintain lean muscle mass, recover faster, and enhance your performance.

Key features:
– 23 grams of whey protein and 21 grams of amino acids in every serving.
– Supports muscle growth and maintenance by providing essential building blocks.
– Enhances protein synthesis when combined with weight training.
– Boosts energy levels and promotes lean muscle growth when consumed before workouts.
– Facilitates muscle repair and recovery when taken immediately after exercise.

Premium Grade Isolate Protein
Pack on and preserve lean muscle mass, speed up recovery time, and support performance with Prolab Whey Isolate.

23 Grams of Whey | 21 Grams of Amino Acids
Support your muscles by fueling them with 23 Grams of Protein and over 21 Grams of amino acids, the building blocks of all lean muscle mass & growth in every serving size.

Versatile & Beneficial Supplement
Adding Premium Whey Protein Isolate to your diet in addition to weight training can improve protein synthesis. During this process, your body will use amino acids within the protein to build new muscle and support weight loss goals.

Accelerate Muscle Recovery
Consuming a serving before training Pre-Loads the body with Energy-Yielding Amino Acids to increase lean muscle growth. Immediately after working out, one serving launches muscle repair and recovery.


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