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Isotope Pure Whey Isolate Protein offers a range of benefits as a high-quality protein supplement. Here’s a brief summary:

1. 100% Whey Protein Isolate: Isotope is made exclusively from pure whey protein isolate derived from high-quality milk. This ensures that you receive a pure and high-protein shake for optimal results.

2. Lactose-Free: Isotope is completely free of lactose, making it highly digestible and gentle on the stomach. You can enjoy your protein shake without experiencing discomfort or bloating.

3. Build and Repair: Isotope supports muscle protection, increases muscle mass, and aids in rapid post-exercise recovery. It also improves nutrient delivery, enhancing your overall fitness and performance.

4. Versatile Usage: Isotope is suitable for consumption at any time of the day. It serves as an excellent post-workout recovery shake, can be consumed between meals, or whenever additional protein is needed in your diet.

5. All-in-One Protein Shake: Isotope fulfills all the criteria when it comes to choosing a high-quality whey protein isolate. It excels in performance, taste, and easy mixing. It provides reliability for bodybuilders and athletes who require precise and accurate calculations for their daily caloric needs.

Isotope Pure Whey Isolate Protein offers a superior protein supplement for those seeking the highest quality and performance in their fitness journey.

  • PURE WHEY ISOLATE PROTEIN – each serving is 100% whey protein isolate and is derived from 100% high-quality milk from farms which produce some of the healthiest and cleanest dairy in the world. This means you get to enjoy pure, high in protein, healthy shakes!
  • 100% FREE OF LACTOSE – This means better digestibility, less upset stomachs and no bloating!
  • BUILD AND REPAIR – Helps protect your muscles, increase muscle mass, helps with your overall ability to recover rapidly from exercise and improve nutrient delivery.
  •   POST WORKOUT OR DURING THE DAY – Great for any time during the day and perfect for a post workout recovery, between meals, or anytime additional protein is needed in your diet.
  • ALL IN ONE PROTEIN SHAKE – Isotope checks off every box you’re looking for when deciding which WPI to supplement with. First, it checks out on a performance standpoint. No corners were cut. Second, it tastes great and mixes easily. And lastly, it’s 100% reliable for the hardcore bodybuilder or athlete who needs precision and accuracy when calculating your daily caloric needs.


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